The End of the Line

Success, yes that was he
it came naturally
seems to flow with ease
but of course not so
he paid the price
he toed the line
But alas today, this very hour
all good things they say
come to an end, and it has
Hearses also pull up to
two car garages that proudly
hold twin mercedes benz
All this does not make
the good life bad
now it will be thrown
against the test of time
How will success look in 5 or 50 AD?
will this life look markedly good
after 250 years have past?
The man from Nazareth said
we are like the grass of the field
here today and tomorrow we’re gone
Oh, but we last longer than the grass
Did he know that?
30, 60 or 120 years
Even good men are mortal
At the end of the line
God’s Word is eternal, listen.

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